5 coveralls for a 5-servings dinner event

More Than Eating
Roskilde Festival 2015

July 2015

Meet The Sweet Waiter, The Bitter Waiter, Mr. Umami, The Sour Waiter, and The Salty Waiter.

Together, they challenged 60 guests at Roskilde Festival in five servings, each wearing a coverall visualizing a taste. A collaboration with chef Jakob Mielcke from Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, the event was a continuation of our event at Roskilde Festival last year. The project focuses on the palate of tasting buds meeting the palette of colours, and how they interact with each other. Each textile for the coveralls has been printed and constructed in the studio to express each individual tasting bud.

Special thanks to Mille Sviatchenko, CĂ©cile Vigneau, Lucie Majerus, and Amalie Ask.